Please feed me!

Doorstep hedgehogs

With the mild winter, hedgehogs are beginning to come out of hibernation. Here you can see four of our temporary residents chomping away on some hedgehog biscuits on the doorstep.

Food is scarce at the moment, and these hogs are ravenous after a short period of hibernation. Please leave out supplementary food for your hedgehog population, or many will have trouble finding enough food to survive. Despite it being wet, don’t forget to leave a shallow dish of fresh water too!

Get your hedgehog food here!

Releasing back to the wild

Someone insisted the other day that because it’s above freezing and wild hedgehogs are waking up early from hibernation that we should now be releasing our temporarily resident hedgehogs back to the wild.

We disagree.

Whilst it’s relatively warm, it’s also very wet, and releasing now would leave hedgehogs trying to build nests without any dry bedding material; would you want to sleep in a wet bed night-on-night?? Pneumonia anyone?

Wild hedgehogs that are waking up already have dry nests to snuggle up in at night and won’t be wasting valuable foraging time trying to make a nest.

Rest assured, they will be released soon, but only when they won’t suffer any detriment.

The downside of waiting is that we’re still very busy and have a backlog of restless hedgehogs waiting to go into pre-release for assessment.