Sutton was found by the roadside by Hoggies Respite one early evening in the summer.  The first photo that you see is the wound that he had cleaned of all maggots and flies.  This wound was caused, we think by a strimmer.

Sutton would have died had he not been spotted by Hoggies Respite on their way through the village, purely by chance.

Hoggies Respite spent many hours and days flushing out the wound until it was in a state that could be stitched by the Vet.  On return from the Vet Sutton needed care for a long time before he was in a position to be released.

Happily we can now confirm that Sutton has been released, see the second photo and is now back in the wild.

This is what Hoggies Respite is all about.  Rescue, rehabilitate and release.  It takes a lot of money to provide food, medication and care for these creatures.  Please help us by donating via our link on the ‘About’ page of this web site.