Meet the Team

We are a small team with a passion to help hedgehogs.

Some 5 years ago, Richard and Maggie responded to a call from a friend who had found a small hedgehog in the garden, out during the day.

By the afternoon, the one hedgehog had turned into three! The hedgehogs were brought to us and we cared for them until they were ready for release. We attended various courses to learn more about hedgehogs and in the last three years we have become specialists in the field, caring for hedgehogs and releasing them back into their natural habitat.

Meet John our third Team Member. John found a hedgehog in his garden out during the day, he called British Hedgehog Preservation Society, who gave him our number. We responded and took in the hedgehog, treated him, and released him back to John’s garden.  John got involved and that is just where it started.

John now looks after the babies that we find that have been abandoned by their Mum for various reasons nurturing them through those difficult months, working closely with Richard and Maggie towards releasing them back to the wild.