This is Hoggie, he was found in a garden in the Autumn, with cuts on his leg which were infected, the leg was well over twice its correct size.  He is a mature hedgehog.  The lady that found him in her garden, got in touch with Hoggies Respite.  We responded immediately.  Hoggie has had several treatments by our Vet and ongoing treatment with ourselves.

He is progressing well and we hope he will be released in the Spring.

This is what Hoggies Respite is all about.  Rescue, rehabilitate and release.  It takes a lot of money to provide food, medication and care for these creatures.  Please help us by donating via our link on the ‘About’ page of this web site.

Update: Since this initial progress, we’ve discovered that Hoggie doesn’t have a natural ability to defend himself in the wild. Unfortunately he can’t be released, so has kindly offered to become our mascot. He now attends fundrasing and awareness shows with us to help educate, along with some other hedgehogs who also can’t be released back into the wild. Thank you Hoggie!
Under the Wildlife Act, it is illegal to release an animal back into the wild if it cannot fully fend for itself.