Hello, my name is Dorothy.  I was found in a garden during the day, trying to find my way along a fence.  I could not see properly out of my eye and I felt really wobbly my leg was hurting.

I heard someone in the garden, and they saw me, they could see that I was not very well.  They picked me up and wrapped me in a towel then they put me on a hot water bottle so I started to get warm.  They knew to do this because as soon as they found me, they called Hoggies Respite to ask what to do.  I then went to Hoggie Respite, who told me that my leg was hurting as it was very badly broken, I could not see because my eye was so infected and damaged.

They took me in and I went to a place where I had a sleep for a little while. (Vets).  When I woke up I did not have one of my legs but the pain had gone, and my eye did not hurt anymore.  I felt so much better and Hoggies Respite came to get me, and they are looking after me now.

I can never go out to the wild again, but I will be able to go into the Hoggies Respite care garden, when I am better.  In the garden, there are lots of nest boxes and tunnels to explore, I am really looking forward to this but I have to get better first.

Hoggies Respite-this little hedgehog can have a quality life in an enclosed garden, where she can be with other hedgehogs with similar problems.  She can forage, and nest, but is free from predators and food is available for her when she needs it.

This is what Hoggies Respite is all about.  Rescue, rehabilitate and release.  It takes a lot of money to provide food, medication and care for these creatures.  Please help us by donating via our link on the ‘About’ page of this web site.