Matilda here is getting used to settling down in hay in preparation for going back out into the wild. She’s one of the many here that have been recuperating with Hoggies Respite over the winter, and now the weather is acceptable, it’s time to say “bon voyage”.

We’ll be visiting regularly to ensure Matilda is settling in to her home and keeping well. Hopefully little Matildas might appear!

Matilda in her hay nest

Hello, my name is Henry, I have been very poorly over the winter months.  I am now feeling much better and it will soon be time for me to be released back into the wild.  I am getting quite excited about this.

My friends are just coming out of hibernation, so look out for them.  If you see them out during the day, and moving very slowly, they probably need some help.  Call Hoggies Respite who will give you some advice on what to do.

Spare a thought for hedgehogs coming out of a deep sleep, leave some water in your garden where we can reach it easily.  Leave us a little poultry cat food, or hog biscuits.




Happy Christmas

Hello, I am known as Mauri, I would just like to say a Happy Christmas from all the Hedgehogs being cared for at Hoggies Respite.  Please help us all by donating or purchasing from our Amazon Wishlist.

Don’t forget to leave us some food and water out in your garden over this winter.

I am Mama T this is my story

Hello, I was hurt in the middle of a field, with a big gash in my back.  I was very lucky, Hoggies Respite found me.  They took me in and helped me, my wound started to heal.  I was very worried I knew I was about to have babies and I did not know what would happen now.

Hoggies Respite recognised that I was pregnant, they gave me a nice hutch with lots of hay and an area where I could exercise or hide in the back if I wanted to.

They left me quietly and I had three babies.  They left me to care for them, they made sure there was water and food all the time.  I looked after my babies and now they are grown.

Its too cold for us to go back home at the moment, my babies and I are loose in a big garden, till the spring.  We have lots of nest boxes to choose from, and they all contain hay.  There is food and water out every day for us.  We are very happy and looking forward to going back home in the Spring.

This is what Hoggies Respite is all about.  Rescue, rehabilitate and release.  It takes a lot of money to provide food, medication and care for these creatures.  Please help us by donating via our link on the ‘About’ page of this web site.