G11 arrived with us, having a hole in the chest. She is very badly infected but we are doing our best for her.

Sharpie 2

Sharpie continues to be treated, looking very fed up in this photo having just had another session of treatment. He is responding, and he has started to eat again. We continue with the treatments which take a long time to administer, but are worth it, to see him hopefully survive.
Hattie was found wandering on the road, the traffic was stopped and she was rescued. She had very bad worm infestation which she has been treated for and has recovered very well. She will be released to her natural wild habitat shortly.


Sharpie walked into our garden from the field in a very poor state of health. He has multiple stab wounds. He is very poorly, we are treating his wounds and nursing him hopefully back to health.

Mealworms. No!

Worryingly a number of people have said that other rescues advised them to feed mealworms to hedgehogs, even going so far as to recommend feeding them exclusively mealworms!

Mealworms are bad for hedgehogs!

Please do not feed any mealworms to hedgehogs as you risk causing them serious pain and ultimately death. Mealworms are high in phosphorus and low in calcium, so the body tries to compensate for this by removing calcium from the bones.