Goodbye Freda

Freda was brought to us last month severely emaciated. At some point in her life she had broken a front leg which had fused itself back together but not quite right. This may have been the start of her decline as she wouldn’t have been able to forage correctly, though she could now walk successfully.


As she was unwell, the parasites she’d contracted from eating inappropriate foodstuffs (slugs and snails) were a large burden to bear. Though through her treatment for this, it’s been a steep uphill battle to get her to eat and she’s been losing weight steadily passing some blood too. Occasionally we had success but not enough to make sufficient difference.

Unfortunately last night she haemorrhaged heavily leaving us no option but to put her to sleep.

Sorry, Freda, that we were unable to help.

Rest in peace.

Autumn Juveniles

Or should that be Winter Juveniles? We’re seeing a number of very small, often underweight, hedgehogs at the moment, and it’s nearly December!

As we’re about to get some cold weather, if you know you’ve got small hedgehogs, please give them some food to bulk their fat reserves so they can survive hibernating!

Royal Canin Mother & Babycat biscuits are excellent for this.

Philomena, found in need of help 25th November, weighing about 250g


G11 arrived with us, having a hole in the chest. She is very badly infected but we are doing our best for her.

Sharpie 2

Sharpie continues to be treated, looking very fed up in this photo having just had another session of treatment. He is responding, and he has started to eat again. We continue with the treatments which take a long time to administer, but are worth it, to see him hopefully survive.
Hattie was found wandering on the road, the traffic was stopped and she was rescued. She had very bad worm infestation which she has been treated for and has recovered very well. She will be released to her natural wild habitat shortly.


Sharpie walked into our garden from the field in a very poor state of health. He has multiple stab wounds. He is very poorly, we are treating his wounds and nursing him hopefully back to health.