Milk? Mealworms? No!

A number of people have commented on the photos of young hoglets drinking milk. This is NOT milk – at least not cows’ milk.

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, meaning that if they drink cows’ milk, they will suffer severe tummy upsets and it can be fatal!

Hoglets drink their mother’s milk which is lactose free. A replacement for this is in the photos also lactose free but also with the nutrients a little hoglet needs to grow.

Only leave fresh water for hedgehogs, in a shallow dish, and with some stones to prevent hoglets from drowning and to weigh it down – hedgehogs like to tip things over!

Another no-no is mealworms. These have been shown to strip calcium out of their bones causing at best deformities and worst broken limbs. Peanuts and sunflower hearts cause a similar reaction. Unfortunately hedgehogs love mealworms but in this case even “a little of what you like doesn’t do you good!”

No milk! No mealworms! No excuses!

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